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3 Ways to Convert PDF to Word
PDFs are great in the sense that they're compatible with nearly every system, can't be easily edited, and take very small space. However, there are instances that you will be compelled to send a word document or would like to make changes to your file, something that is not possible in PDF format. Thankfully, there are several easy ways to convert a document from a PDF to word format.
Method 1: Use Adobe Acrobat

You'll need to have a paid version of Acrobat so that you can use this method. Luckily, they offer a chance to use the software on a free 30-day trial. This allows you to gauge the quality and reliability of the software before upgrading to premium.

Step 1: Download the software and install it on your PC or desktop computer

Step 2: Open Adobe Acrobat

Step 3: In the software interface, click on "File" located at the left corner, then click on "Open" from the menu that appears

Step 4: Choose the file you to convert then click "Open"

Step 5: Once uploaded, click on "File" once more and hover the mouse cursor over "Save as other...". Another side menu appears. Hover the mouse cursor over "Microsoft Word" and you will see a new side menu. Then click on "Word Document" from the last drop down side menu that appears. Step 6: Choose the location to save the converted file, then click "Save". The PDF file will then be converted to word format & saved in the folder you selected.

Method 2: Using an Online PDF ConverterIn this case you can use PDFOnline, a free online PDF converter that allows you to convert a file from PDF to word or vice versa. However, you have to agree to a few terms before uploading your PDF file to be converted. Follow these simple steps to convert any PDF to word using PDFOnline.

Step 1: Go to then click the "Upload File to Convert" button

Step 2: Choose the PDF to convert then click "Open". Note that a file that contains a lot of tables and images might take a while to be converted

Step 3: The PDF will open in the browser window. Click "Download" located at the top of the screen and choose "Download Word File"

Step 4: The Word Document will be downloaded y to your specified downloads folder. If you haven't specified any downloads folder, then you will find it in the Downloads folder. Just double-click the file to open.


Another good alternative to convert any PDF to word online is to use
Method 3: Using a Dedicate Third-Party SoftwareYou can also convert your file from PDF to word using third-party software. In this case we will use UniPDF software. The software is only 5Mb, completely free and very easy to use. Follow these steps to convert PDF file to Word Document.


Step 1: Download the program and open it

Step 2: Click on "Add".

Step 3: Choose the file to convert then click "Open". You can add as many files as you wish.



Step 4: Click on "Settings" then choose ".doc" found under the heading "Word Format". Click "Save" and the changes will be saved. Default settings for the file extension is usually set to ".rtf" so you have to make the change before converting the file(s).

Step 5: Click "Convert" and the uploaded files will be converted. Note that the number and sizes of the files determine the duration it takes for them to be converted.